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Message ID: 4139     Entry time: Tue Jan 11 21:08:19 2011
Author: Joonho 
Type: Summary 
Category: Cameras 
Subject: CCD cables upgrade plan. 

Today I have made the CCD Cable Upgrade Plan for improvement of sysmtem.

I have ~60 VIDEO cables to be worked for upgrades so I would like to ask all of your favor in helping me of replacing cables.


1. Background

Currently, VIDEO system is not working as we desire.

About 20 cables are of impedance of 50 or 52 ohm which is not matched with the whole VIDEO system.

Moreover, some cameras and monitors are out of connection.


2. What I have worked so far.

I have checked impedance of all cables so I figured out which cables can be used or should be replaced.

I measured cables' pathes along the side tray so that we can share which cable is installed along which path.

I have made almost of cables necessary for VIDEO system upgrades but no label is attached so far.


3. Upgrade plan (More details are shown in attached file)


0 : Cable for output ch#2 and input ch#16 is not available for now
1 : First, we need to work on the existing cables. 
1A : Check the label on the both ends and replace to the new label if necessary
1B : We need to move the existing cable's channel only for those currently connected to In #26 (from #26 to #25)
2 : Second, we need to implement new cables into the system
2A : Make two cable's label and attach those on the both ends
2B : Disconnect existing cables at the channel assigned for new cables and remove the cables from the tray also
2C : Move 4 quads into the cabinet containing VIDEO MUX
2D : Implement the new cable into the system along the path described and connect the cables to the assgined channel and camera or monitor



4. This is a kind of  a first draft of the plan.

Any comment for the better plan is always welcome.

Moreover, replacing all the cables indicated in the files is of great amount of work.

I would like to ask all of your favors in helping me to replace the cables (from 1. to 2D. steps above).


Attachment 1: CCD_Cable_Upgrade_Plan_Jan11_2011.pdf  20 kB  | Hide | Hide all
CCD_Cable_Upgrade_Plan_Jan11_2011.pdf CCD_Cable_Upgrade_Plan_Jan11_2011.pdf CCD_Cable_Upgrade_Plan_Jan11_2011.pdf CCD_Cable_Upgrade_Plan_Jan11_2011.pdf
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