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Message ID: 4124     Entry time: Fri Jan 7 12:01:39 2011
Author: Osamu 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: c1lsc running 

I got a new adapter board for expansion chassis from CDS and exchanged the existing adapter board which was laid on the floor around ETMX to new one.

Then I connected the chassis to c1lcs,  c1lsc seems to be running now. I will return the old board to CDS since Rolf says he wants to return it to manufacture.

 I found an interface box from ADC to D-SUB37pin and a cable to connect them.

I needed to make cables to connect the interface box to existing LSC whitening filters that has a 37 pin female D-SUB connector on one end and a 40pin female flat connector on the other end. We should use shielded cables for them, but unfortunately CDS did not have right one. Temporarily I made one cable for 1-8ch using a ribbon twist cable like Joe did.

I found a saturation at ch5 of ADC0 on c1lsc. I did not check carefully but it seemed to come from the LSC whitening board. Input of ch5 of the whitening board was not terminated and had a huge output voltage, but also ch6 was not terminated and had no big output. I guess something wrong on the LSC whitening board. Needs to be checked. Anyway I unplugged the small ribbon cable between the whitening board and the next LSC AA filter board.

Finally I realized that fiber connection of RFM did not exist. What I saw was the fiber cable of Dolphin. We need a RFM PCIe interface board, and a long fiber cable between c1lsc and RFM hub.

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