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Entry  Fri Mar 28 16:18:18 2008, rob, Update, Computers, c1susvme2 status 
    Reply  Mon Mar 31 14:14:16 2008, rob, Update, Computers, c1susvme2 status 
Message ID: 408     Entry time: Mon Mar 31 14:14:16 2008     In reply to: 406
Author: rob 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: c1susvme2 status 

c1susvme2 is getting worse and worse. it won't run for more than ~45 minutes without fatally de-syncing. for now I've turned off c1iovme (which sends the MCL signal) to see if that's causing the problem. next I'll swap the boards for c1susvme1 and c1susvme2 to see if it's the cpu (or maybe the RFM card) itself, rather than the timing/pentek systems.

I swapped the processors for c1susvme1 and c1susvme2. So for now, to startup, you should ssh into c1susvme1 and run the startup.cmd for c1susvme2, and vice versa.
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