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Entry  Thu Dec 9 01:14:42 2010, Osamu, Update, SUS,  20101208_ITMX_jump2.png
    Reply  Thu Dec 9 11:13:37 2010, Osamu, Update, SUS,  jump_oplev_offset.png
Message ID: 4033     Entry time: Thu Dec 9 01:14:42 2010     Reply to this: 4035
Author: Osamu 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 

After Kiwamu had set the free swinging mode for ITMX and ETMX, I found a big jump of ITMX pitch and yaw. This jump is shown on oplev and OSEM plots.


I talked with Kiwamu on the phone that a shutdown of suspensions does not add a big offset, and so that it should not make a big jump.

We were not sure that this jump was due to the shutdown or drift or something else. Anyway I put ITMY oplev on center again at 0;57am.

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