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Message ID: 3908     Entry time: Fri Nov 12 12:06:11 2010
Author: Aidan 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Green Locking 
Subject: PID script working - now it needs to be tuned 

 I've set up a PID script that senses the EX-PSL Green Beat note (from the frequency counter) and actuates on the temperature of the end laser to drive the beat note to a given setpoint.

  • I've added the necessary EPICS channels to c1iscaux and rebooted it so that the channels are live. They are listed in a new database file slow_grnx_pid.db
  • This database was added to the list of those loaded by startup.cmd.  
  • The PID script, GRNXSlowServo, is just a modified version of FSSSlowServo.
  • The version I've been running is currently in /cvs/cds/caltech/users/abrooks/.
  • There's also an MEDM screen in this directoy, C1LSC_EX_GRN_SLOW.adl, there that shows the PID settings.

Right now the script only passes the initial sanities checks, that is:

  1. It runs.
  2. You can enable/disable it without any errors and it starts actuating.

The settings all need to be tuned up - e.g. maximum_increment, hard_stops, time_step, PID constants.

Additionally, the units in the whole thing are pretty useless - some of the channels are in VOLTS, others in WATTS. I'd like to change all these to be in Hz. 

EPICS channels added:

  • grecord(ao,"C1:LSC-EX_GRN_SLOWKD")
  • grecord(ao,"C1:LSC-EX_GRN_SLOWKP")
  • grecord(ao,"C1:LSC-EX_GRN_SLOWKI")
  • grecord(ao,"C1:LSC-EX_GRN_PID_SETPT")
  • grecord(ao,"C1:LSC-EX_GRN_TIMEOUT")
  • grecord(stringin,"C1:LSC-EX_GRN_SLOWVERSION")
  • grecord(bi,"C1:LSC-EX_GRN_SLOWLOOP")
  • grecord(bi,"C1:LSC-EX_GRN_DEBUG")
  • grecord(bi,"C1:LSC-EX_GRN_SLOWBEAT")


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