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Message ID: 3773     Entry time: Sun Oct 24 19:55:50 2010
Author: kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: lonely RF amplifier on ITMX table 
(Rana, Kiwamu)

Last Friday we found a lonely RF amplifier ZHL-3A on the ITMX table.
When we found him we were very sad because he's been setup unacceptably

For example, the signal input was disconnected although a 24V DC was still applied. So he has been making just a heat for a long time.
The power connector was a BNC style which is not official way.
The leg of a decoupling capacitor attached to the DC connector was apparently broken and etc,..

We salvaged him and then cleaned up those cables and the DC power supply.

We don't say like 'don't make a temporary setup', but please clean up them after finishing the work every time.
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