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Entry  Sun Oct 24 19:23:41 2010, rana, Configuration, elog, ELOG 2.8.0 
    Reply  Mon Oct 25 02:23:47 2010, Koji, Configuration, elog, ELOG 2.8.0 
Message ID: 3772     Entry time: Sun Oct 24 19:23:41 2010     Reply to this: 3775
Author: rana 
Type: Configuration 
Category: elog 
Subject: ELOG 2.8.0 
I stopped the ELOG and restarted us on 2.8.0.

To make sure nothing got lost, I killed the old process, copied over the logbooks/, themes/, and elogd.cfg to the new 2.8.0/ directory before starting the new Daemon.

I encountered the same Administrator bug as Joe had before. I delete all the old Admin passwords to bypass the issue.

To restart the ELOGD on NODUS, you now type '/cvs/cds/caltech/elog/start-elog.csh'.
I also added ELOG to the man pages in /usr/local/man/ on nodus by putting the *.1 files in man1/ and the *.8 files into man8/.
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