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Entry  Wed Oct 20 21:43:25 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, checking whitening filters for MCs and messed up MC2ULSEN.pngMC2LRSEN.png
    Reply  Thu Oct 21 21:35:16 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, fixed whitening filter switches LLLR.pngContec23BO.png
    Reply  Fri Oct 22 00:59:01 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, new MEDM screens, new filter banks(whitening and dewhitening related) HappySideMEDM.png
       Reply  Fri Oct 22 23:29:48 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, fixed output filter switching 
          Reply  Mon Nov 1 23:31:05 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, checked input hardware filter in single frequency 
Message ID: 3758     Entry time: Fri Oct 22 00:59:01 2010     In reply to: 3748     Reply to this: 3767
Author: yuta 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: new MEDM screens, new filter banks(whitening and dewhitening related) 

(Joe, Yuta)

 No more discrimination for SIDE!
 We had all SIDE filters in SDSEN, so we splitted into SDSEN, SUSSIDE, and SDCOIL just like other DOFs. (Not SIDECOIL. SDCOIL from now on!)
 Also, there was a confusion in output filters, so we fixed the filter bank(dewhitening and 28HzELP).
 More than that, I found that "13HzCheby" in SUSPOS, SUSPIT, SUSYAW was actually doing ~1.6Hz Chebyshev, so I fixed it. (No wonder we had no damping when turing "13HzCheby" on!)
 Our new MEDM screen is Attachment #1.

Input filter design:
 Every optics, every OSEM has same analog whitening filter.

digital analog
30,100:3 30,100:3

Output filter design:
 For every SIDE coils and MC1, MC3 coils, they have analog 28Hz elliptic LPFs.
digital analog

 For MC2(and other main optics) UL/UR/LR/LL coils, they have analog dewhitening filters.
digital analog

 InvDW and SimDW were in FM10 and FM9, but I swapped them to make it more consistent.
 Now, FM10 switches analog/digital output filiters for every optics.

  Let's put 28HzELP in FM9 so that FM9 switches analog/digital for every optics.


 - whitening
   MC1 5 PD outputs -> SUS PD Whitening Board(D000210) -> ... (digital WF=3,100:3)
   MC2 5 PD outputs -> SUS PD Whitening Board(D000210) -> ... (digital WF=3,100:3)
   MC3 5 PD outputs -> SUS PD Whitening Board(D000210) -> ... (digital WF=3,100:3)
      D000210 has switches for bypassing analog WT(3,100:3). HIGH to bypass.
 - dewhitening
  (-) ... -> SOS Dewhitening Board(D000316) -> MC1,3 UL/UR/LR/LL coils
  (-) ... -> SOS Dewhitening Board(D000316) -> MC1,2,3 SIDE coils
  (SimDW)(InvDW) ... -> LSC Anti-imaging Board(D000186) -> Universal Dewhitening Board(D000183) -> MC2 UL/UR/LR/LL coils
     D000316 has switches for bypassing 28Hz elliptic LPF. HIGH to bypass.
     D000186 is 7570Hz elliptic LPFs.
     D000183 has switches for bypassing dewhitening filter. HIGH to bypass.
 See this wiki page for more comprehensive setup.

Next work:
 - Fix Simulink connection and logic so that analog/digital switching go correctly.
 - Check if the switching are correct for all channels by measuring transfer functions.
 - Currently, we are focusing on MCs, but we have to do the same fixing for other optics, too.
 - More than setting the right filter TF, there are switching settings like Zero History, Ramp, Zero Crossing...... We should investigate that.
 - Actually, TF of analog DW in D000183 doesn't look like the same with digital SimDW. Why??

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