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Entry  Thu Oct 7 23:24:44 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, checking MC1 suspension damping 
    Reply  Fri Oct 8 12:21:11 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, checking MC1 suspension damping  
Message ID: 3675     Entry time: Thu Oct 7 23:24:44 2010     Reply to this: 3678
Author: yuta 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: checking MC1 suspension damping 

 The new CDS is currently being set up.
 We want to see if the damping servo of the suspensions are working correctly.
 But before that, we have to see if the sensors and the coils are working correctly.
 Among the 8 optics, MCs take top priority because of the green beam. for the alignment of the in-vac optics.

What I did:
 By seeing the 5 sensor outputs (C1:SUS-MC1_XXSEN_IN1, XX=UL,UR,LR,LL,SD) with the Data Viewer, I checked if all the coils are kicking in the supposed direction and all the sensors are sensing that kick correctly.

 All the matrices elements were set to the ideal values(-1 or 0 or 1) this time.

 They were perfect.
1. POSITION seemed to be POSITION
 When the offset(C1:SUS-MC1_SUSPOS_OFFSET) was added, all the sensor output moved to the same direction.
2. PITCH seemed to be PITCH
 When the offset(C1:SUS-MC1_PIT_COMM) was changed, UL&UR and LL&LR went to the different direction.
3. YAW seemed to be YAW
 When the offset(C1:SUS-MC1_YAW_COMM) was changed, UL&LL and UR&LR went to the different direction.
4. SIDE seemed to be SIDE
 When the offset(C1:SUS-MC1_SDSEN_OFFSET) was added, DC level of the SD sensor output changed.


 c1mcs crashed many times during the investigation, and I had to kill and restart it again and again.
 It seemed to be easily crashed when filters are on, and so I couldn't check whether the damping servo is working correctly or not today.

Next work:

  - fix c1mcs (and maybe others)
  - check the damping servo by comparing the displacements of each 4 degrees of freedom when servo in off and on.

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