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Message ID: 3639     Entry time: Fri Oct 1 18:53:33 2010
Author: josephb, kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Things needing to be done next week 

We realized we cannot build code with the current RCG compiler on c1ioo or c1iscex, since these are not Gentoo machines.  We need either to get a backwards compatible code generator, or change the boot priority (removing the harddrives also probably works) for c1ioo and c1iscex so they do the diskless Gentoo thing.  This would involve adding some MAC address to the framebuilder dhcpd.conf file in /etc/dhcp along with the computer IPs, and then modifying the /diskless/root/etc/rtsystab with the right machine names and models to start.

I also need to bring some of the older, neglected models up to current build standards. I.e. use cdsIPCx_RFM instead of cdsIPCx and so forth. 

Need to fix the binary outputs for c1sus/c1mcs.  Need to actually get the RFM running, since Kiwamu was having some issues with his green RFM test model.  We have the latest checkout from Rolf, but we have no proof that it actually works.

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