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Entry  Tue Sep 28 14:12:14 2010, steve, Update, General, vertex crane drive is out of order 
    Reply  Wed Sep 29 15:34:46 2010, kiwamu, Update, General, fixing vertex crane  
    Reply  Thu Sep 30 09:34:58 2010, steve, Update, General, vertex crane trolly drive fixed P1060891.JPGP1060887.JPGP1060889.JPGP1060893.JPG
Message ID: 3624     Entry time: Thu Sep 30 09:34:58 2010     In reply to: 3616
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: vertex crane trolly drive fixed 


The vertex crane drive is overheating, it stopped functioning. Service man will be here tomorrow morning.

I crane was just turned  on for for may be  about 5 minutes. The vertical drive was fine for a while, but the horizontal did not worked at all.

The crane is tagged out again and the controller box is cooling down.

 Atm1, Vertex crane controller unit on horizontal I-beam.

            Module CCES-407 1HP 2.3A 460V/3 phase on the right was replaced. Speed was increased  to 30 Hz

Atm2, See burned insulation on black wire that was shorting to the large suppressor resistor on Atm3 One can see the pit marks on the right end of it.

        This large power dissipater resistor got hot as the malfunctioning controller 407 broke down.   Touching black power wire insulation melted and made a short.

          So the heat was created and finally the fuses were blown. The unnecessary large fuses were replaced by small ones.

Fortunately we had one spare controller on hand that made this repair to be done fast.

We used the new Crane Safety Check list  from LIGO-E1000379-v1 the first time yesterday before doors were removed.

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