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Entry  Sun Sep 12 23:16:52 2010, valera, Update, , FSS mode matching fss.pdffssaom-abcd.tifffssrc-abcd.tiff
    Reply  Mon Sep 13 00:19:32 2010, rana, Update, , VCO Driver Output power v. slider control voltage vco.png
Message ID: 3562     Entry time: Mon Sep 13 00:19:32 2010     In reply to: 3561
Author: rana 
Type: Update 
Subject: VCO Driver Output power v. slider control voltage 

I measured the RF power output of the VCO Driver box as a function of slider value. I measured using the Gigatronics Handheld power meter and connected to the AOM side of the cable after the white Pasternak DC block.

* at low power levels, I believe the waveform is too crappy to get an accurate reading - that's probably why it looks non-monotonic.

* the meter has a sticker label on it saying 'max +20 dBm'. I went above +20 dBm, but I wonder if maybe the thing isn't linear up there...

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