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Entry  Sun Sep 12 23:16:52 2010, valera, Update, , FSS mode matching fss.pdffssaom-abcd.tifffssrc-abcd.tiff
    Reply  Mon Sep 13 00:19:32 2010, rana, Update, , VCO Driver Output power v. slider control voltage vco.png
Message ID: 3561     Entry time: Sun Sep 12 23:16:52 2010     Reply to this: 3562
Author: valera 
Type: Update 
Subject: FSS mode matching 

The attached plot shows the beam scans of the beam leaking from the back mirror of the PMC to the BS cube that first turns the S-pol beam 90 deg to the AOM and then transmits the AOM double passed and polarization rotated P-pol beam to the reference cavity. The beam from the PMC is mode matched to the AOM using a single lens f=229 mm. The ABCD file is attached. The data were taken with VCO control voltage at 5 V. We then reduced the voltage to 4 V to reduce the astigmatism. Tara has the data for the beam scan in this configuration in his notebook.

The beam from AOM is mode matched to the reference cavity using a single lens f=286.5 mm. The ABCD file is attached.

Attachment 1: fss.pdf  12 kB  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: fssaom-abcd.tiff  207 kB
Attachment 3: fssrc-abcd.tiff  134 kB
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