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Entry  Thu Sep 9 08:23:45 2010, steve, Update, SAFETY, main laser turned off 
    Reply  Thu Sep 9 11:17:15 2010, steve, Update, SAFETY, main laser is back ON P1060813.JPGP1060814.JPGP1060816.JPG
       Reply  Thu Sep 9 16:54:56 2010, rana, Update, SAFETY, main laser is back ON 
Message ID: 3549     Entry time: Thu Sep 9 08:23:45 2010     Reply to this: 3550
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: SAFETY 
Subject: main laser turned off 

Innolight 2W 1064nm main laser was turned off for more enclosure related work.

The electrician re rooting the power- conduit to the interlock under the floor and bring it through the new concrete tunnel.

Emergency laser power shut off switch was tested at entry door 104M.  It worked fine.


No laser glasses required. Laser will be turned back on around 11 am today.

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