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Entry  Sun Aug 29 21:18:00 2010, rana, Update, Computers, kallo -> rossa 
    Reply  Mon Aug 30 11:41:34 2010, kiwamu, Update, Computers, disable sendmail and isdn 
Message ID: 3485     Entry time: Sun Aug 29 21:18:00 2010     Reply to this: 3486
Author: rana 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: kallo -> rossa 

We changed the name of the new control room computer from kallo to rossa (since its red).

I also tried to install the nVidia graphics driver, but failed. I downloaded the one for the GeForce 310

for x86_64 from the nVidia website, but it failed to work. I installed it, but then X windows wouldn't start.

I've left it running a basic VESA driver.

Kiwamu updated the host tables to reflect the name change. We found that both rossa and allegra were

set up to look at the old 131.* DNS computers and so they were not resolving correctly. We set them up for new way.

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