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Message ID: 3462     Entry time: Tue Aug 24 11:23:32 2010
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: tripod leg installation completed 

Bertine Robby, Bertin and Jerry completed the installation by pouring concrete yesterday and cleaning up today.

Atm1-2, steel bars, grouted feet and side forms are ready

Atm3,    bounding agent is applied for better bounding

Atm4,    pumping concrete

Atm5,    shaker is used to fill-all

Atm6,    late after noon the forms- sides were removed,     NOTE: actual table to concrete distance is 12.75"

Atm7,    construction people left and the tile man is on the way


The tile patching should complete today so tomorrow we can remove plastic covers.


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