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Entry  Thu Aug 12 11:19:04 2010, kiwamu, Update, CDS, current status 
    Reply  Thu Aug 12 14:01:53 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, current status 
       Reply  Thu Aug 12 18:30:08 2010, kiwamu, Update, CDS, Re: current status 
    Reply  Tue Aug 17 02:07:11 2010, Yoichi, Update, CDS, DACs have correct number of channels 
Message ID: 3408     Entry time: Thu Aug 12 14:01:53 2010     In reply to: 3405     Reply to this: 3414
Author: josephb 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: current status 

First, awesome progress.

Second, the Binary Output parts do in fact need to be added to the c1sus model.  They don't need to appear in the IOP though.  (They are somehow automatically taken care of by the IOP code). 

It looks like in the 2004 revision in SVN, the cdsCDO32 part (located in the CDS_PARTS.mdl/IO_PARTS) was broken.  I fixed it and updated the svn with it, so a svn update should pull the corrected version.

I'm not sure whats wrong with the DAQs.  I'll try to take a closer look at the model file tonight and see if I can make suggestions.  When you write outputs on DAC_0 or DAC_1 is the C1SUS GDS TP screen showing anything?

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