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Entry  Wed Aug 11 15:27:16 2010, Jenna, Update, Electronics, Rubidium clock phase noise 08_11_Rb_withspec.pdf
    Reply  Wed Aug 11 16:38:02 2010, Jenna, Update, Electronics, Rubidium clock phase noise 
Message ID: 3402     Entry time: Wed Aug 11 16:38:02 2010     In reply to: 3400
Author: Jenna 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Rubidium clock phase noise 


The units of this plot are rad/rt(Hz). I've no idea why it just says magnitude.

 This is a known thing (at least to me and Rana), so it's not just you.  When you put in some points like your PD Spec, the units disappear, and I've never figured out how to get them back while keeping the points.  Thanks for putting the units in your entry though.  If anyone else does know how to get the units to 'stick' where they're supposed to be, that would be helpful. 

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