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Message ID: 3398     Entry time: Wed Aug 11 12:58:56 2010
Author: Jenna 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Rubidium clock phase noise 

I took some measurements of the clock this morning, first without the box, then with the box, then without the box again. All the noise levels look pretty much the same. When I first put the box on, it was only propped up on one side, so I think the clocks got a bit overheated and the data looks ridiculous, which is the first plot. I took it off and let them cool down a bit, and then put the box on, this time with a generous 3 inch gap at the bottom all the way around, and it seemed to be fine after that.

The calibration for the data is pi (rad) /6415 (counts) /100.

Aidan: I edited this post to change the plots from Postscripts to PDFs.

Attachment 1: 08_11_Rb_crazybox.pdf  43 kB  Uploaded Wed Aug 11 14:04:54 2010  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: 08_11_Rb_comparison.pdf  94 kB  Uploaded Wed Aug 11 14:05:07 2010  | Hide | Hide all
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