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Message ID: 3348     Entry time: Mon Aug 2 17:12:28 2010
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Lab schedule for the week of Aug. 2 


2 Mon - 5 Thu WFS work (Nancy)

2 Mon - 4 Wed

Jenne: Seismometer fix / Seismic measurements on the PSL table
TT characterization (with Koji)
Preparations ETM suspensions (optional: may be in later weeks)

Kiwamu: CDS test for SUS (may be involving Koji)

Alberto: RF system prep.

All: For 5th and 6th: PSL cabling works Koji

5 Thu PSL Table prep
6 Fri PSL Table prep / Likely to shut down the PSL

9 Mon PSL Table prep / shutting down of the PSL (optional)
10 Tue PSL box Frame lifting
12 Thu PSL table tapping

16 Mon - 17 Tue concrete pouring preparation
19 Thu - 23 Fri Tripod placement
24 Tue - 26 Thu concrete pouring

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