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Entry  Sat Jul 24 13:13:41 2010, rana, steve, alberto, Update, General, Initial Crane Inspection reveals flaws: wiring and oil 
    Reply  Mon Jul 26 10:04:24 2010, steve, Update, General, Initial Crane Inspection reveals flaws: wiring, oil and imbalance 2500.JPGsedrum.JPG
       Reply  Wed Jul 28 16:42:21 2010, steve, Update, General, Crane gear box cheched P1060503.JPGP1060511.JPGP1060515.JPGP1060517.JPG
          Reply  Fri Aug 6 17:47:36 2010, steve, Summary, General, cranes load tested at 1998 lbs 0.9ton.PDFP1060523.JPGP1060532.JPGP1060541.JPG
Message ID: 3312     Entry time: Wed Jul 28 16:42:21 2010     In reply to: 3290     Reply to this: 3378
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Crane gear box cheched 



The guy from KroneCrane (sp?) came today and started the crane inspection on the X End Crane. There were issues with our crane so he's going to resume on Monday. We turned off the MOPA fur the duration of the inspection.

  1. None of our cranes have oil in the gearbox and it seems that they never did since they have never been maintained. Sloppy installation job. The crane oiling guy is going to come in on Monday.
  2. They tried to test the X-End crane with 2500 lbs. (its a 1 ton crane). This tripped the thermal overload on the crane as intended with this test. Unfortunately, the thermal overload switch disabled the 'goes down' circuit instead of the 'goes up' circuit as it should. We double checked the wiring diagram to confirm our hypothesis. Seems the X-End crane was wired up incorrectly in the first place 16 years ago. We'll have to get this fixed.

The plan is that they will bring enough weight to test it at slightly over the rating (1 Ton + 10 %) and we'll retry the certification after the oiling on Monday.

 The south end crane has one more flaw. The wall cantilever is imbalanced: meaning it wants to rotate south ward, because its axis is off.

This effects the rope winding on the drum as it is shown on Atm2

Atm1 is showing Jay Swar of KoneCrane and the two 1250 lbs load that was used for the test. Overloading the crane at 125% is general practice at load testing.

It was good to see that the load brakes were working well at 2500 lbs. Finally we found a good service company! and thanks for Rana and Alberto

for coming in on Saturday.

 Jeff Stinson, technician of KoneCrane inspected the south end crane hoist gear box. This was the one that was really low on oil. The full condition require

~ 950cc of EPX-7 (50-70W) high viscosity gear oil. The remaining 120 cc oil was drained and the gear box cover was removed. See Atm 1

He found the gear box, load brake and gearing in good condition. The slow periodic sound of the drive was explained by the split bearings at Atm 3

The Vertex and the east end crane gear boxes needed only 60 cc oil to be added to each Atm 4 and their drives were tested.

Conclusion: all 3 gear boxes and drives are in good working condition.

Tomorrow's plan: load test at 1 ton and correct-check  3 phase wiring.

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