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Message ID: 3309     Entry time: Wed Jul 28 13:06:47 2010
Author: Razib 
Type: Update 
Category: Phase Camera 

Attached are some calculation that I did previously for the phasecamera setup. This shows the nature of the beat signal that we are measuring.

I am also trying to characterize the noise source of the camera also. Following images shows the mean dark noise (with no light on the camera) and the standard deviation for 100 snaps at an exposure time of 500 µs.


My target now is to measure the response gain of each pixel and how they vary over intensity. I already have a simplified setup on the table and will work on it today. Details will follow at the end of the day.

Attachment 3: phase_cam_calc.pdf  67 kB  | Hide | Hide all
phase_cam_calc.pdf phase_cam_calc.pdf phase_cam_calc.pdf
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