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Message ID: 3293     Entry time: Mon Jul 26 14:24:46 2010
Author: josephb, kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: RFM test take 1 

Kiwamu and I strung a temporary RFM fiber from the c1iscex machine (in the new 1X9 rack) to the c1sus machine (in the new 1X4 rack).  This was connected into the respective RFM cards.  Once we put the fiber in correctly, the status lights came on the RFM card, which is a good sign.  This did not go through the RFM bypass, and did not interfere with any other RFM connections.

We created a simple model to test the RFM card, which basically was 4 RFM memory locations passing back and forth between 2 filters on each machine.  These models were called c1rf0 (on c1sus) and c1rf1 (on c1iscex).  We added 4 entries to the /cvs/cds/caltech/chans/ipc/C1.ipc file corresponding to the 4 RFM memory locations, set their ipcType=RFM and set the ipcRate to 65536.  The ipcNum were set from 0 to 3. The models ran, however, the data we were trying to pass over the RFM card did not seem to be being passed.  Currently trying to contact Alex via e-mail to get debugging advice, and confirm the ipc file is setup correctly.

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