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Entry  Fri Jul 16 20:25:52 2010, Megan, Update, PSL, Reference Cavity Insulation DSC_2271.JPGDSC_2266.JPG
    Reply  Fri Jul 16 23:53:27 2010, Rana, Update, PSL, Reference Cavity Insulation 
       Reply  Fri Jul 23 16:02:16 2010, Rana, Update, PSL, Reference Cavity Insulation Untitled.png
          Reply  Fri Jul 23 21:14:29 2010, Rana, Update, PSL, Reference Cavity Insulation 
Message ID: 3282     Entry time: Fri Jul 23 21:14:29 2010     In reply to: 3280
Author: Rana 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: Reference Cavity Insulation 

I wrapped another ~3 layers onto there. It occurs to me now that we could just get some 2mm thick copper plates made to fit over the stainless steel can.

They don't have to completely cover it, just mostly. I also took the copper circles that Steve had made and marked them with the correct beam height

and put them on Steve's desk. We need a 1" dia. hole cut into these on Monday.

To compensate for the cooling during my work, I've set the heater for max heating for 1 hour and then to engage the temperature servo.

I also noticed the HEPA VARIAC on the PSL was set to 100. Please set it back to 20 after completing your PSL work so that it doesn't disturb the RC temperature..

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