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Entry  Thu Feb 21 18:29:28 2008, John, Summary, General, HP Network Analyser Analyzer 
    Reply  Thu Feb 21 19:55:46 2008, rana, Update, Electronics, 2 BNC Cables, 1 Tee 
       Reply  Fri Feb 22 16:47:54 2008, rob, Update, Electronics, Baloney bustedHP.mov
Message ID: 328     Entry time: Thu Feb 21 18:29:28 2008     Reply to this: 329
Author: John 
Type: Summary 
Category: General 
Subject: HP Network Analyser Analyzer 
The HP 4195A network analyser may be broken, measurements below 150MHz are not reliable. Above 150MHz everything looks normal. This may be caused by a problem with its output (the one you'd use as an excitation) which is varying in amplitude in a strange way.

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