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Message ID: 3275     Entry time: Fri Jul 23 12:33:51 2010
Author: josephb 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: megatron, c1iscex, c1sus firewalled 

Kiwamu and I strung an ethernet cable from the new 1X7 rack to the 1X3 rack. The cable is labeled c1iscex-daq on both ends.  This cable will eventually connect c1iscex's second ethernet port to the daq router.  However, for today, it plugged into the primary ethernet port and is going to a linksys router.  This is the same linksys router we used to firewall megatron.

The idea is to place megatron, c1sus, and c1iscex behind the firewall to prevent any problems with the currently running while doing RFM nework tests.

The way to get into the firewalled sub-network is to ssh into megatron.  The router will forward the ssh to megatron.  Inside the network, the computers will have the following IPs.  Router is, megatron is, c1sus is, and c1iscex is



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