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Entry  Fri Jul 16 20:25:52 2010, Megan, Update, PSL, Reference Cavity Insulation DSC_2271.JPGDSC_2266.JPG
    Reply  Fri Jul 16 23:53:27 2010, Rana, Update, PSL, Reference Cavity Insulation 
       Reply  Fri Jul 23 16:02:16 2010, Rana, Update, PSL, Reference Cavity Insulation Untitled.png
          Reply  Fri Jul 23 21:14:29 2010, Rana, Update, PSL, Reference Cavity Insulation 
Message ID: 3240     Entry time: Fri Jul 16 20:25:52 2010     Reply to this: 3241
Author: Megan 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: Reference Cavity Insulation 

Rana and I

1) took the temperature sensors off the reference cavity;

2) wrapped copper foil around the cavity (during which I learned it is REALLY easy to cut hands with the foil);

3) wrapped electrical tape around the power terminals of the temperature sensors (color-coded, too! Red for the out of loop sensor, Blue for the first one, Brown for the second, Gray for the third, and Violet for the fourth. Yes, we went with an alphabetical coding system, excluding the out of loop sensor);

4) re-wrapped the thermal blanket heater;

5) covered the ends of the cavities with copper, ensuring that the beam can enter and exit;

6) took pretty pictures for your enjoyment!

We will see if this helps the temperature stabilization of the reference cavity.



The end of the reference cavity, with a lovely square around the beam.



The entire, well-wrapped reference cavity!

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