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Message ID: 3235     Entry time: Fri Jul 16 13:05:48 2010
Author: Kyung-ha 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: Late update for 7/13 Tue (Tip Tilts) 

[Jenne & Kyung-ha]

We suspended the mirror to one of the main frame with the ECD backplane we finished before. The hard task was to find the right balance for the mirror so that 1) it won't be tilted and 2) it'll be in the right position for the ECD backplanes so that the magnets attached to the mirror holder would be in the very center of each ECD holes. We used optical lever laser (red He/Ne) to check the balance of the mirror. We tried to use the jig for the mirror holder clamps but because of the size difference, we couldn't use it at all. (Since the magnets are very heavy, we thought the wire being not perfectly centered might work better. However, the jig dimension was way too different that the wire ended up in the middle of one of the holes.) Since there was no other clever way to attach the wire in the right position, we just tried to be as center/accurate as possible. After attaching wire to that mirror holder clamps, we hanged it to the frame. Again, we couldn't find any other accurate way to find the center so we held the wire and tried to adjust the mirror height as accurate as possible so that it can be in the right position in respect to ECD backplane and not be tilted at the same time. However, when we hanged the mirror, it was still tilted.. So we adjusted the mirror tilt using the mirror holder clamps. Since the holes on the clamps were ellipse shapes, we could adjust the position of the clamps a little bit. When we adjust the clamps, we started to tighten the screws when the mirror is NOT in the perfect position since the tightening up part changes the mirror angle anyways. Luckily, when we tightened up the last screw, the mirror was in the perfect position! After that, we poked the mirror several times to make sure that it comes back to the same place.

Amazingly, we could finish this whole hanging/adjusting process in about 30 mins! :D (Jan said it's because of his amazing moral support. :P Maybe he'll be there to support us everytime we work on the mirrors?)

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