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Message ID: 3226     Entry time: Thu Jul 15 11:58:50 2010
Author: josephb 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Added channel to ADCU_PEM (C0DCU1) 

I modified the C1ADCU_PEM.ini file in /cvs/cds/caltech/chans/daq/ (after making a backup), and added a temporary channel called C1:PEM-TEMP_9, the 9 corresponding to the labeled 9 channel on the front of the BNC breakout in the 1Y7 rack.  The chnnum it was set to is 15008 (it was commented out and called C1:PEM-PETER_FE).  I also set the data rate to 2048.

I then did telnet fb40m 8087, and shutdown, and also hit the blue reconfig button on the DAQ status screen for the C0DCU1 machine.  The framebuilder came back up.  I confirmed the temporary channel, as well as the Guralp channels were still working from C0DCU1.

We have strung a cable in the cable trays from the SP table to the 1Y7 rack, which has been labeled as "Phasecam PD".  This will be used to record the output of an additional photodiode.


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