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Entry  Thu Feb 14 17:21:53 2008, Max Jones, Update, Computers, Noise budget code changes 
    Reply  Fri Feb 15 10:28:44 2008, rana, Update, Computers, Noise budget code changes 
Message ID: 319     Entry time: Fri Feb 15 10:28:44 2008     In reply to: 318
Author: rana 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Noise budget code changes 

In cvs/cds/caltech/NB/matlab/utilities/LSCmodel.m at line 146
I have hardwired in changes to struct lsc. Please see code.

The IFOin variable (which I admit is not documented) should refer to a file called
C1IFOparams.m in the ReferenceData directory. This does not yet exist but can be
created by merging L1IFOparams.m with our knowledge of the 40m IFO.
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