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Message ID: 3185     Entry time: Fri Jul 9 11:09:14 2010
Author: josephb 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Fb40m and a few other machines turned off briefly just before 11am 

I turned off fb40m2 and fb40m temporarily while we added an extra power strip  to the (new) 1X6 rack at the bottom in the back.  This is to allow for the addition of the 4600 computer  given to us by Rolf (which needs a good name) into the rack above the fb machine.  The fb40m2 was unfortunately plugged into the main power connectors, so we unplugged two of its cables, and put them into the new strip. While trying to undo some of the rats nest of cables in the back I also powered down and unpluged briefly the c0dcu1, the pem crate, and the myrinet bypass box.

I am in the process of bringing those machines back up and restoring the network.

Also this morning, Megatron was moved from the end station into the (new) 1X3 rack, along with its router.  This is to allow for the installation of the new end computer and IO chassis.


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