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Entry  Wed Jul 7 22:22:49 2010, Jenne, Update, Computers, Some channels not being recorded!!! 
    Reply  Thu Jul 8 14:11:16 2010, josephb, Update, Computers, Some channels not being recorded!!! 
       Reply  Thu Jul 8 15:43:58 2010, rana, Update, Computers, Some channels not being recorded!!! 3-monkeys-ComicPosition.gif
Message ID: 3176     Entry time: Thu Jul 8 14:11:16 2010     In reply to: 3172     Reply to this: 3179
Author: josephb 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Some channels not being recorded!!! 

This has been fixed, thanks to some help from Alex. It doesn't correspond to new computers being put in, but rather corresponds to a dcu_id change I had made in the new LSC model.

The fundamental problem is way back when I built the new LSC model using "lsc" as the name instead of something like "tst", I forgot to go to the current frame builder master file (/cvs/cds/caltech/chans/daq/master) and comment out the C1LSC.ini line. Initially there was no conflict with c1susvme, because the initially was dcu_id 13. The dcu_id was eventually changed to 10 from 13 , and thats when it conflicted with the c1susvme2 dcu_id which was also 10. I checked it against wiki edits to my dcu_id list page and I apparently updated the list on May 20th when it changed from 13 to 10, so the time frame fits.  Apparently it was previously conflicting with C0GDS.ini or C1EXC.ini, which both seem to have dcu_id = 13 set, although the C1EXC file is all commented out. The C0GDS.ini file seems to be LSC and ASC test points only.

The solution was to comment out the C1LSC.ini file line in the /cvs/cds/caltech/chans/daq/master file and restart the framebuilder with the fixed file.


[Rana, Jenne]

We discovered to our great dismay that several important channels (namely C1:IOO-MC_L, but also everything on c1susvme2) are not being recorded, and haven't been since May 17th.  This corresponds to the same day that some other upgrade computers were installed.  Coincidence?

We've rebooted pretty much every FE computer and the FrameBuilder and DAQ_CONTROL approximately 18 times each (plus or minus some number).  No matter what we do, or what channels we comment out of the C1SUS2.ini file, we get a Status on the DAQ_Detail screen for c1susvme2 of 0x1000.  Except sometimes it is 0x2000.  Anyhow, it's bad, and we can't make it good again. 

I have emailed Joe about fixing this (with some assistance from Alberto, since we all know how much he likes doing the Nuclear Reboot option for the computers :)


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