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Entry  Wed Jul 7 12:17:36 2010, Razib, Update, Phase Camera, Weekly update DC_1Hz_beat_sig.jpgDC_1Hz_beat_sig.jpgDC_5Hz_beat_sig.jpg
    Reply  Fri Jul 9 12:07:26 2010, Razib, Update, Phase Camera, Weekly update phase_cam_setup_09_08_10.jpgmod_setup_(copy)_annotated.jpg
Message ID: 3167     Entry time: Wed Jul 7 12:17:36 2010     Reply to this: 3187
Author: Razib 
Type: Update 
Category: Phase Camera 
Subject: Weekly update 

I have completed the following tasks:

1. Find a simplified calibration of the exposure time for the current He-Ne setup. Basically, I triggered the camera to take 20 snapshots with a 20 Hz driving signal at different exposure time beginning from 100 us (microsecond) upto 4000 us with an increment of 200 us.

    Result: The current power allows the camera to have an exposure time of ~500 us before the DC level begans to saturate.

2. Aidan and I did some alignment and connected the AOM and corrected the driving frequency of its PZT to 40 Mhz(which apparently was disconnected which in turn gets the credit of NO beat signal for me until Tuesday 07/06/2010 5:30 PST) .

    Result: I got the beat signal of 1 Hz and 5 Hz. Image follows (the colormap shows the power in arbitrary units).

3. Finished writing my Progress Report 1 .


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