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Entry  Tue Jun 29 17:10:49 2010, steve, rana, Update, VAC, slow pumpdown started 
    Reply  Tue Jun 29 23:49:18 2010, steve, rana, Update, VAC, slow pumpdown started Untitled.png
       Reply  Wed Jun 30 00:45:26 2010, rana, Update, VAC, slow pumpdown stopped for the night 
       Reply  Wed Jun 30 15:24:04 2010, steve,kiwamu, Update, VAC, slow pumpdown copmlete slowpd.jpgbutterfly.JPG
Message ID: 3138     Entry time: Tue Jun 29 17:10:49 2010     Reply to this: 3140
Author: steve, rana 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: slow pumpdown started 

The folding crane was fixed and tested this morning by the NNN rigging company. Pictures will be posted by Steve in the morning.

Afterwards, the ITM-east door was installed, jam-nuts checked. No high voltage was on for the in-vac PZTs.

The annulus spaces were roughed down to 350mTorr by Roughing Pump RP1. For this operation, we removed the low flow valve from the RP1 line.

After the spaces came down to ~400 mTorr, we closed their individual valves.

Warning: The VABSSC1 and VABSSC0 valves are incorrect and misleadingly drawn on the Vacuum overview screen.

We then:

  1. Closed V6 (valve between RP1 and the annulus line).
  2. Turned off RP1 from the MEDM screen.
  3. Installed the soft -starting butterfly valve.
  4. Turned on RP1.
  5. Opened V3.
  6. Closed VV1 (at the last minute - this is a vent valve and must be checked before each pumpdown)
  7. and pumpdown was started with a 3/4 turn opening of manual valve RV1.

Our idea is to have a much slower pumpdown this time than the last time when we had a hurricane kick up the dust. Looks like it worked, but next time we should do only 1/2 turn.

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