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Entry  Fri Jun 25 01:28:33 2010, Dmass, HowTo, SVN, SVN woes 
    Reply  Sat Jun 26 05:02:04 2010, rana, HowTo, SVN, SVN woes 
Message ID: 3123     Entry time: Sat Jun 26 05:02:04 2010     In reply to: 3118
Author: rana 
Type: HowTo 
Category: SVN 
Subject: SVN woes 


I am trying to get an actual complete install of the 40m svn on my machine. It keeps stopping at the same point:

 I have always seen this when checking out the 40m medm SVN on a non-Linux box. I don't know what it is, but Yoichi and I investigated it at some point and couldn't reproduce it on CentOS. I think its some weirdness in the permissions of tmp files. It can probably be fixed by doing some clever checkin from the control room.

Even worse is that it looks like the whole 'SVN' mantra has been violated in the medm directory by the 'newCDS' team. It could be that Joe has decided to make the 40m a part of the official CDS SVN, which is OK, but will take some retraining on our part.

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