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Entry  Tue Feb 12 16:34:07 2008, rob, DAQ, DMF, seisBLRMS 1.1 
    Reply  Thu Feb 14 15:05:18 2008, rob, DAQ, DMF, seisBLRMS 1.1 
Message ID: 312     Entry time: Tue Feb 12 16:34:07 2008     Reply to this: 317
Author: rob 
Type: DAQ 
Category: DMF 
Subject: seisBLRMS 1.1 
The compiled version of seisBLRMS had been running ~2 weeks without crashing as of last night, when I killed it
so it wouldn't interfere with alignment scripts.  I added an EPICS channel C1:DMF-ENABLE, and updated the DMF
executables to check this channel while running.  So far it seems to work.  When you're running alignment acripts,
simply click the DISABLE button on the C1DMF_MASTER.adl screen, and then re-ENABLE when the scripts finish. 
It's not clear why this is necessary though.  Theories include the constant disk access is keeping the
framebuilder busy, reducing its ability to deal with ezcademod commands and DMF programs just flooding the
network with so much traffic that ezcademod-related packets run late and get ignored.

Also, for reasons of aesthetics, I changed the data delay from 6 minutes to 5 minutes.  We'll see if that's enough.
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