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Entry  Wed Jun 23 18:05:00 2010, Koji, Configuration, PSL, FSS SLOWDC should be ~-4.0 C1PSL_FSS.png
    Reply  Wed Jun 23 23:08:30 2010, rana, Configuration, PSL, FSS SLOWDC should be ~-4.0 
Message ID: 3109     Entry time: Wed Jun 23 18:05:00 2010     Reply to this: 3110
Author: Koji 
Type: Configuration 
Category: PSL 
Subject: FSS SLOWDC should be ~-4.0 

FSS SLOWDC slider is at around 0.

Please someone relock this at ~-4.0 to exploit some last juice of the fruit.

See this entry for the details of the operating point.


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