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Entry  Mon Jun 21 14:21:34 2010, Jenne, Kiwamu, Update, Photos, Inspection of Magnets for the TTs 
    Reply  Mon Jun 21 20:11:21 2010, Koji, Update, Photos, Inspection of Magnets for the TTs 
Message ID: 3095     Entry time: Mon Jun 21 20:11:21 2010     In reply to: 3093
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: Photos 
Subject: Inspection of Magnets for the TTs 

Were these magnets chipped before the Ni plating?

RA: Yes, it looks like this is the case. We also smashed some of the magnets against a metal surface and saw that a black grime was left. We should hold the magnets with a clean teflon clamp to measure the Gauss. Then we have to wipe the magnets before installing. I share Jenne's concern about the press-fit damaging the plating and so we need to consider using using glue or the ole magnetic attachment method. We should not rely on the structural integrity of the magnets at all.

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