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Message ID: 3069     Entry time: Fri Jun 11 15:04:25 2010
Author: josephb 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Multi-filter matrix medm screens finished and script for copying filters from SOS file 

I've finished the MEDM portion of the RCG FiltMuxMatrix part.  Now it generates an appropriate medm screen for the matrix, with links to all the filter banks.  The filter bank .adl files are also generated, and placed in a sub directory with the name of the filter matrix as the name of the sub directory.

The input is the first number and the output is the second number.  This particular matrix has 5 inputs (0 through 4) and 15 outputs (0 through 14). Unfortunately, the filter names can't be longer than 24 characters, which forced me to use numbers instead of actual part names for the input and output.


The key to the numbers is:




AS11_I 1
AS11_Q 2
AS55_I 3
AS55_Q 4
POP11_I 6
POP11_Q 7
POP55_I 8
POP55_Q 9
REFL11_I 11
REFL11_Q 12
REFL55_I 13
REFL55_Q 14

To get this working required modifications to the feCodeGen.pl and the creation of mkfiltmatrix.pl (which was based off of mkmatrix.pl).  These are located in /cvs/cds/caltech/cds/advLigoRTS/src/epics/util/

In related news, I asked Valera if he could load the simulated plant filters he had generated, and after several tries, his answer was no.  He says it has the same format as those filter they pass to the feed forward banks down in Livingston, so he's not sure why they won't work.

I tested my script, FillFotonFilterMatrix.py, on some simple second order section filters (like gain of 1, with b1 = 1.01, b2 = 0.02, a1 = 1.03, a2 = 1.04), and it populated the foton filter file correctly, and was parsed fine by Foton itself.  So I'm going to claim the script is done and its the fault of the filters we're trying to load.  This script is now living in /cvs/cds/caltech/chans/ , along with a name file called lsp_dof2pd_mtrx.txt which tells the script that DARM is 0, CARM is 1, etc.  To run it, you also need a SOS.txt file with the filters to load, similar to the one Valera posted here, but preferably loadable.

I also updated my progess on the wiki, here.

Attachment 1: FiltMatrixMedm.png  199 kB  Uploaded Fri Jun 11 16:46:56 2010  | Hide | Hide all
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