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Message ID: 3036     Entry time: Wed Jun 2 17:34:33 2010
Author: josephb, alex, valera 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: CDS updates 

From what I understand, Alex rewrote portions of the framebuilder and testpoint codes and then recompiled them in order to get more than 1 testpoint per front end working.   I've tested up to 5 testpoints at once so far, and it worked.

We also have a new noise component added to the RCG code.  This piece of code uses the random number generator from chapter 7.1 of Numerical Recipies Third Edition to generate uniform numbers from 0 to 1.  By placing a filter bank after it should give us sufficient flexibility in generating the necessary noise types.  We did a coherence test between two instances of this noise piece, and they looked pretty incoherent.  Valera will add a picture of it when it finishe 1000 averages to this elog.

I'm in the process of propagating the old suspension control filters to the new RCG filter banks to give us a starting point.  Tomorrow Valera and I are planning to choose a subset of the plant filters  and put them in, and then work out some initial control filters to correspond to the plant.  I also need to think about adding the anti-aliasing filters and whitening/dewhitening filters.


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