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Entry  Fri May 28 21:32:32 2010, Alberto, Update, 40m Upgrading, MC alignment 
    Reply  Fri May 28 23:21:52 2010, Koji, Update, IOO, MC alignment 
       Reply  Mon May 31 00:10:18 2010, kiwamu, Update, IOO, MC alignment 
          Reply  Mon May 31 03:38:48 2010, Koji, Update, IOO, MC alignment MC_spot_centering.png
             Reply  Mon May 31 17:47:34 2010, kiwamu, Update, IOO, today's plan : MC alignment 
Message ID: 3021     Entry time: Mon May 31 17:47:34 2010     In reply to: 3020
Author: kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: today's plan : MC alignment 

[Alberto, Kiwamu]

0. have a coffee and then dress up the clean coat.

1. level the MC table

2. lock and align MC 

3. run A2L script to see how much off-centering of the spots

4. steer the periscope mirror <--- We are here

5. move the pick off mirror which is used for monitoring of MCT CCD

6. check the leveling and move some weights if it's necessary

7. shut down

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