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Message ID: 2967     Entry time: Fri May 21 14:31:46 2010
Author: josephb,alex 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: New computer and IO chassis working in 1X4 

Alex brought over a ADC, DAC, and PCIe card which goes into the computer and talk to the IO chassis.  We tried installing the new "small" IO chassis in 1X4, but initially it couldn't find the ADC/DAC boards, just the Contec Binary out board.

We tried several different configurations (different computer, different IO chassis, the megatron chassis, the megatron IO chassis with new cards, a new IO chassis with megatron cards.

The two things were concluded once we got a new IO chassis talking with the new computer. 

1) Its possible one of the slots is in the IO chassis as we didn't see the ADC until we moved it to a different slot in the new chassis

2) The card that Alex had brought over to put in the computer doesn't behave well with these IO chassis.  He went back to downs to try and figure out what it is, and test it with the chassis over there.

Currently, Megatron's IO chassis is sitting on a table behind racks 1Y5 and 1Y6, along with the new "large" IO chassis.  Megatron's PCIe card for talking to the IO chassis was moved to the computer in 1X4.  The computer in 1X4 is currently being called c1iscex with IP 

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