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Entry  Tue May 4 13:14:43 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, lsc.mdl and ifo.mdl to build (with caveats) 
    Reply  Thu May 6 11:34:35 2010, rob, Update, CDS, lsc.mdl and ifo.mdl to build (with caveats) 
Message ID: 2877     Entry time: Tue May 4 13:14:43 2010     Reply to this: 2885
Author: josephb 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: lsc.mdl and ifo.mdl to build (with caveats) 

I got around to actually try building the LSC and IFO models on megatron.  Turns out "ifo" can't be used as a model name and breaks when trying to build it.  Has something to do with the find and replace routines I have a feeling (ifo is used for the C1, H1, etc type replacements throughout the code).  If you change the model name to something like ifa, it builds fine though.  This does mean we need a new name for the ifo model.

Also learned the model likes to have the cdsIPCx memory locations terminated on the inputs if its being used in a input role (I.e. its bringing the channel into the model).  However when the same part is being used in an output role (i.e. its transmitting from the model to some other model), if you terminate the output side, it gives errors when you try to make.

Its using the C1.ipc file (in /cvs/cds/caltech/chans/ipc/) just fine.  If you have missing memory locations in the C1.ipc file (i.e. you forgot to define something) it gives a readable error message at compile time, which is good.  The file seems to be being parsed properly, so the era of writing "0x20fc" for block names is officially over.

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