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Message ID: 2796     Entry time: Mon Apr 12 22:51:31 2010
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: ITMX installed and aligned 


ITMX was aligned with regard to the 40m green oplev.
Now both cavities are aligned.

Next thing we are going to do is to remove PRM and SRM towers.

As well as the oplev construction for ITMs.

We anticipate the drift of the stack. So we need to revisit the alignment again.

Some tools and the level gauge were removed from the table.

Picture of the ETMX - reflection from the ITMX is hitting the mirror and Jamie's windmill.



0. The suspension tower had been placed on the table close to the door.

1. Brought the OSEMs from the clean room. Connected the satellite box to the ITMX suspension.

2. Went into the chamber. Leveled the table.

3. Released the mirror from the clamp. Put and adjust the OSEMs.

- Note that the side OSEM is located to the south side of the tower
  so that we can still touch it after the placement of the TT suspension at the north side of the SOS tower.

4. Clamped the mirror. Moved the SOS tower according to the CAD layout.

5. Leveled the table again.

6. Released the mirror again and adjusted the OSEMs.

7. Turned on the end green laser pointer.

- The spot was slightly upside and left of the mirror. Adjusted it so that the spot is at the center.

8. Align ITMX in Pitch

- The spot was hitting the tube. Moved the pitch bias such that the beam get horizontal.

9. Align ITMX in Yaw

- Moved the SOS tower such that the approximate spot is on the ETMX. If I hit the right spot I could see the tube get grown green because of the huge scatter.

10. Adjusted the OSEMs again and check the alignment again. Repeated this process 2~3 times.

- Bias values at  the end of the work: Pitch 0.7800 / Yaw 0.270

11. Close up the chamber

- Remove the level gauge. Some of the screws are still in the Al ship in the chamber.

- Close the light door.

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