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Entry  Mon Apr 12 17:37:52 2010, josephb, Update, Computers, Y end simulated plant progress YEP.pngYEP_PLANT.png
    Reply  Tue Apr 13 12:49:35 2010, josephb, Update, Computers, Y end simulated plant progress 
Message ID: 2791     Entry time: Mon Apr 12 17:37:52 2010     Reply to this: 2798
Author: josephb 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Y end simulated plant progress 

Currently, the y end plant is yep.mdl.  In order to compile it properly (for the moment at least) requires running the normal makefile, then commenting out the line in the makefile which does the parsing of the mdl, and rerunning after modifying the /cds/advLigo/src/fe/yep/yep.c file.

The modifications to the yep.c file are to change the six lines that look like:

"plant_mux[0] = plant_gndx"  into lines that look like "plant_mux[0] = plant_delayx".  You also have to add initialization of the plant_delayx type variables to zero in the if(feInt) section, near where plant_gndx is set to zero.

This is necessary to get the position feedback within the plant model to work properly.


#NOTE by Koji

This entry means that Makefile was modified not to parse the mdl file.
This affects making any of the models on megatron.

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