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Message ID: 2778     Entry time: Wed Apr 7 09:00:01 2010
Author: steve 
Type: HowTo 
Category: PEM 
Subject: prepare to open chamber 

In order to minimize the diffusion of more dust particles into the vented IFO vacuum envelope

BEFORE opening chamber:

-Have a  known plan,

-Heavy 1" thick door requires 3 persons- of  one experienced and one certified crane operator and steel tow safety shoes

-Block IFO beams, be ware of experimental set up of other hazards: 1064,  visible or new-special installation

- Look at the particle counter, do not open above 6,000 particles of 0.5 micron. Construction activities are winding down. See  plot of 35 days since we  vented.

-Have clean door stand for heavy door, covered with merostate at the right location and dry-clean screws for light covers,

-Prepare lint free wipers for o-rings,(no solvent on o-ring!) Kimwipes for outside of chamber and metal covers, methanol and powder free gloves

-Wipe with wet Kimwipe-tissue of methanol around the door, chamber of interest and o-ring cover ring

-Cut door covering merostate and tape it into position,..if in place...check  folded-merostate position, if dusty... replace it

-Is your cleanroom garment clean?.......if in doubt ....replace it

-Keep surrounding area free and clean

-Make sure that HEPAs are running: PSL-enclosure, two mobile units and south end flow banch

-Check the tools: are they really clean? wipe it with wet Kimwipe, do you see anything on the Kimwipe?


-You are responsible to close chamber ASAP with light door or doors as you finished for the day.

Merostate cover down is appropriate during daily brakes.

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