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Entry  Sun Apr 4 00:21:42 2010, rana, koji, Summary, Electronics, Checkout of EG&G (PARC) preamp model #113, s/n 49135 IMG_0628.JPG
    Reply  Sun Apr 4 17:32:07 2010, Alberto, Metaphysics, General, new y-arm? 
Message ID: 2762     Entry time: Sun Apr 4 00:21:42 2010     Reply to this: 2763
Author: rana, koji 
Type: Summary 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Checkout of EG&G (PARC) preamp model #113, s/n 49135 

We tested out the functionality of the EG&G 113 preamp that I found in one of the cabinets. This is one of the ancestors of the SR560 preamp that we are all used to.

It turns out that it works just fine (in fact, its better than the SR560). The noise is below 3nV/rHz everywhere above 30 Hz. The filter settings from the front panel all seem to work well. And the red knob on the front panel allows for continuous (i.e. not steps) gain adjustment. In the high-bandwidth mode (low pass filter at 300 kHz), there is ~35 deg of phase lag at 100 kHz. So the box is pretty fast.


I would easily recommend this above the SR560 for use in all applications where you don't need to drive a 50 Ohm load. Also the battery is still working after 17 years!

There's several more of the this vintage in one of the last cabinets down the new Y-arm.

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