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Entry  Tue Mar 23 22:46:43 2010, Alberto, Update, 40m Upgrading, REFL11 upgraded 2010-03-23_REFL11_model_to_meas_comparison.png
    Reply  Wed Mar 24 14:57:21 2010, Alberto, Update, 40m Upgrading, REFL11 upgraded 
Message ID: 2704     Entry time: Tue Mar 23 22:46:43 2010     Reply to this: 2711
Author: Alberto 
Type: Update 
Category: 40m Upgrading 
Subject: REFL11 upgraded 
I modified REFL11 according to the changes lsited in this schematic (see wiki  / Upgrade 09 / RF System / Upgraded RF Photodiodes ).
I tuned it to be resonant at 11.06MHz and to have a notch at 22.12MHz.
These are the transfer functions that I measured compared with what I expected from the LISO model.


The electronics transfer function is measured directily between the "Test Input" and the "RF Out" connector of the box. the optical transfer function is measured by means of a AM laser (the "Jenne laser") modulated by the network analyzer.
The AM laser's current was set at 20.0mA and the DC output of the photodiode box read about 40mV.
The LISO model has a different overall gain compared to the measured one, probably because it does not include the rest of the parts of the circuit other than the RF out path.

I spent some time trying to understand how touching the metal cage inside or bending the PCB board affected the photodiode response. It turned out that there was some weak soldering of one of the inductors.

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