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Message ID: 2695     Entry time: Mon Mar 22 16:57:45 2010
Author: josephb,daisuke, alex 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Megatron test points working again 

We changed the pointer on /cvs/cds/caltech/target/gds/bin/awgtpman from

/opt/gds/awgtpman    to


Then killed the megatron framebuilder and testpoint manager (daqd, awgtpman), restarted, hit the daq reload button from the GDS_TP screen. 

This did not fix everything. However, it did seem to fix the problem where it needed a rtl_epics under the root directory which did not exist.  Alex continued to poke around.  When next he spoke, he claimed to have found a problem in the daqdrc file.  Specifically, the cvs/cds/caltech/target/fb/ daqdrc file.

set gds_server = "megatron" "megatron" 10 "megatron" 11;

He said this need to be:

set gds_server = "megatron" "megatron"  11 "megatron" 12;

However, during this, I had looked file, and found dataviewer working, while still with the 10 and 11.  Doing a diff on a backup of daqdrc, shows that Alex also changed

set controller_dcu=10  to set controller_dcu=12, and commented the previous line. 

He also changed set debug=2 to set debug=0.

In a quick test, we changed the 11 and 12 back to 10 and 11, and everything seemed to work fine.  So I'm not sure what that line actually does.  However, the set controller_dcu line seems to be important, and probably needs  to be set to the dcu id of an actually running module (it probably doesn't matter which one, but at least one that is up).  Anyways, I set the gds_server line back to 11 and 12, just in case there's numerology going on.

I'll add this information to the wiki.

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