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Entry  Sun Mar 21 20:08:20 2010, kiwamu, rana, Update, PSL, EOM wasit size waist.pngwaist.py.zip
    Reply  Sun Mar 21 21:02:39 2010, Koji, Update, PSL, EOM waist size 
Message ID: 2691     Entry time: Sun Mar 21 21:02:39 2010     In reply to: 2690
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: EOM waist size 
You don't need a lengthy code for this. It is obvious that the spot size at the distance L is minimum when L =
zR, where zR is the Rayleigh range. That's all.

Then compare the spot size and the aperture size whether it is enough or not.

It is not your case, but if the damage is the matter, just escape to the large zR side. If that is not possible
because of the aperture size, your EOM is not adequate for your purpose.
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